DMU is the Denison Municipal Utilities. We provide the community of Denison with water, wastewater services and electricity. This area of the website will provide you with an understanding about our organization and what our goals are, as well as introduce you to the Utility Staff that does the day to day work. Organization A five person Board of Trustees administers the Utility. The Trustees serve six (6) year terms that are staggered for continuity. The Mayor appoints them and the appointments must be approved by majority vote of the City Council. The Board of Trustees meets the third Monday of each month at 4:30 p.m. at the Utility office. The public is encouraged to attend. The Board of Trustees was established by a vote of the people of Denison, on January 27, 1949. It was a three person Board at that time and administered the electric and water utilities. The wastewater utility was placed under the Board of Trustees following an election on March 18, 1969. At an election held on November 6, 1979, the voters decided to increase the number of trustees to five. The Board of Trustees sets the broad policy and appoints a General Manager to direct the department heads to conduct the day-to-day affairs of the Utility. The Board appoints a Secretary, Treasurer, Chairman and Vice-Chairman, at an annual organizational meeting in February each year.  Core Values and Goals The Denison Municipal Utilities is an organization where excellence of work and integrity of character are daily expectations for all employees, Board members and others associated with the Denison Municipal Utilities on a professional basis. The following CORE Values describe those expectations in greater detail. Reliability - We are here when you need us. Accountability - We can be counted on to do what we say we will do. Honesty - We will give our customers the whole story-bad news along with the good. Safety - DMU supports and promotes an organizational culture in which our employees, both individually and collectively, are motivated to work safely and care about the overall well-being of each other.  Competence - Excellence in work product and performance will be the objective of every DMU employee with the end result being the achievement of the DMU goals, consistent with customer expectations. Creativity - We will recognize problems that limit the success of meeting our goals, and strive to solve them. Creative solutions are encouraged and failure will be viewed as a temporary setback to be learned from, for future problem solving efforts. The goals of DMU are as follows: Goal 1 - DMU will base all goal setting, planning, operations and employee relations activities upon the respect, worth, dignity, and safety of each individual. Goal 2 - Provide sufficient, safe water to the customers of the Denison Water Utility. Goal 3 - Provide reliable electric service in a safe manner, to the customers of the Denison Electric Utility. Goal 4 - Operate and manage the wastewater treatment utility in an environmentally sound manner. Goal 5 - Provide the lowest rates possible while maintaining a strong financial position. Goal 6 - Actively work to strengthen and support the utility organizations to which DMU belongs. Goal 7 - Maintain a challenging and rewarding work environment for a competent and dedicated staff Goal 8 - Provide constructive input to efforts to improve Denison. Goal 9 - Encourage the deployment of a high speed broadband communication system in Denison