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LOCATION:  Denison Municipal Utilities Business office is located at West Broadway & 7th St.  P.O. Box 518 Denison, Iowa 51442
INFORMATION & INQUIRIES Phone:712-263-4154 Fax: 712-263-8767
EMERGENCIES OR OUTAGES Phone:712-263-3046 Fax: 712-263-8767 Email: Customer Service
OFFICE HOURS:  7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m Monday through Friday (Closed Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays) A payment drop box is available for after- hours payments at the office location. Customers can also drop off their payments at: Bank Iowa, Crawford County Trust and Savings Bank and United Bank of Iowa during their normal banking hours
Denison Municipal Utilities
Water Heaters... brought to you by the Denison Municipal Utilities and Marathon Water Heaters. One of the top uses of energy in your home or business is often the cost to heat water. You can now lower that energy cost by installing the best water heater made today. The Marathon Water Heaters made by Water Heater Innovations, Inc. a division of Rheem. If you are an electric customer of the Denison Municipal Utilities, you can purchase these water heaters through the following area contractors and receive a large rebate: Click here for a list of Participating contractors.
Key Features include: Lifetime warranty on the unit for the original purchaser. 15 years all other. No one else makes this warranty offer. Attractive styling, non-metal (no rusting) design. Price (with rebate) that rivals low-end water heaters. You get the best, for the price of the low-end water heater. Participation in the award winning "load management" program of the Denison Municipal Utilities is a requirement to receive the rebate. However, if you are signed up for the Denison Municipal Utilities "load management" program, you also will receive the lowest cost for all of your electricity that you purchase. That savings has been calculated to save customers $80 to $100 per year! To make this top of the line energy efficient water heater affordable, we will rebate back to you, $5.00 per gallon of water heater capacity. As an example, if you buy the 85-gallon unit, you would receive 85 times $5.00 or $425 in rebate. There is now no longer any reason why you cannot afford to have the most energy efficiency water heater in your home or business. You will save on your monthly energy bill by utilizing these most efficient water heater. The savings could be 10% of the cost to heat water, depending on the water heater you are replacing. To see more about this Marathon Water Heater, click on the website below. https://www.marathonheaters.com/ 
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